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Welcome to Abort Icons
Livejournal's Center for Abortion Related Icons

For members to post and share abortion related icons for pro-choice, pro-life, and everywhere inbetween.

Relevant: Posts must have the singular purpose of sharing icons that are relevant to abortion related issues.
Debate: This is not a debate or discussion community. Disagreements on abortion related issues is strongly discouraged. If a user is unable to respect the community's purpose, it is recommended that the user not join the community. This includes political commentary and opinions included with the icons being shared. Members are encouraged to let their icons speak for them and refrain from including additional text about their beliefs.
Other Graphics: It is recommended that other graphics, such as banners, not be shared since this is an icon sharing community. There is some lienency on this rule; however, posts containing only banners will be deleted.
Lj-cut: It is requested that all posts containing more than four icons, and any icons that contain graphic images or profanity be placed behind <lj-cut> tags.

Community Moderator
quantumbitch: quantumbitch@livejournal.com
Community Moderator positions available!
Please email quantumbitch@livejournal.com.
Accepting users for moderating positions based on fairness of moderating, not political alignment.