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Hi all... I'm a pro-lifer who is addicted to making icons. Here are… - Livejournal's Center for Abortion Related Icons
May 5th, 2004
09:25 pm


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Date:August 24th, 2006 05:59 am (UTC)

Re: Just my twp cents

I have a personal relationship with Jesus, that is how I know he exsists and that is how I know Heaven and Hell are real. It does take faith to believe, that is what it is about....faith, and I have it. I am not trying to push my beliefs on anyone and it's been so long that I actually do not remember why I posted that comment but it's still true and I wouldn't change it. Have you read the Bible? Cover to cover? And understood it all? I am a christian and I don't understand it all! That is one reason why we have pastors and preachers and church. IT's not judgment to say that unless she is a christian, with Jesus active in her life, then she is going to hell. That is the truth and if you choose not to believe that truth then that is your decision. Also, God loves the good in people but that will not get them into heaven. I am glad that there are people out there helping humanity, I just wish they were/are christians and telling people that Jesus came to save them.
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Date:August 24th, 2006 12:23 pm (UTC)

Re: Just my twp cents

In point of fact, I HAVE read the bible, and though I don't think I sat down and read it straight through, I'm pretty sure I've hit up all of it. 12 years of religious education, plus now two at a catholic college where religion classes are a requirment. Plus a somewhat stern Catholic upbringing. Of course I don't claim to understand it totally or be a biblical scholar, but as a historian/english major, I can get a pretty good grasp of where a lot of that book comes from. Very attached to the circumstances at the time of its writing, that is.
I'm just curious why you're so sure that because some preacher tells you that someone is going to hell, you're willing to accept it. Doesn't that seem a little like hubris? To assume you know God's thoughts? The catholic church, which is far from perfect, does get this part right. . .they never ever say for certain that anyone is in hell, because they certainly don't know. God is almighty, and all powerful, right? So i'm fairly sure, based on that belief, if he wants to let a few virtuos non-believers into heaven now and then, all the bigots on this tiny insignificant world aren't going to stop him.
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Date:January 30th, 2007 06:42 pm (UTC)

Re: Just my twp cents

I have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Oh, good. Do you think you could do me a favour? Ask him why he hasn't called me back yet. We had such a lovely dinner date, and I really thought things were going well. :(
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